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Set for key Vote! Non Discrimination Ordinance San Antonio

Jose Antonio Rodriguez is a U.S. Navy Veteran who was discriminated by ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell‘ after his sexual orientation was discovered following being drugged, kidnapped, and brutally raped. Rodriguez has since become an outspoken advocate against hate crimes and role model for teens across the globe.
In San Antonio reaching record numbers in speaks today and rising as they here the citizens of San Antonio Texas regarding The Nondiscrimination Ordinance to take vote tomorrow at 9am.
Some religious leaders and San Antonio citizens saying that the lgbt community does not belong and they are going against the word of God and turning this into a religious battle. They lgbt community is being out number and I would say were about 80 percent of the speakers in attendants in last week’s hearing were a vote no for the ordinance law. Today will be the last day to speak in defense that everyone in the city including visitors to San Antonio need protection.
Activist Veteran Sailor Jose A. Rodriguez will be speaker number 78 today regarding today’s hot topic.
“I was saved last night!
They prayed for me inside during the hearing and had others pray for me outside…
Outside: Prayers………….
You are my brother now and you are saved. They gave me literature and address to church.
You’re saved! Yes I am! And my calling to show that love is love and God does not judge anyone before their time and he is the only one with the plan.
He does not hate anyone. Were all his children.
Church Ministers Outside: Thank you for your service. You fought for our country. And you did that. How are you? Gone through some stuff. Disabled. PTSD. I’m so sorry. It’s okay because faith in GOD has got me here this long.
“And you know what. I don’t like what saw earlier outside. All these protesters promoting hate. God loves everyone and one day we all have to repent. He doesn’t hate….. Can we pray for you? Can we pray together…? Will you let us…?
We love you and we hugged each other like family. Ha and the little boy was scared of me… But was just shy.. Cruz I was in my Sailor uniform….”
As the nation waits patiently for a key vote in TEXAS and pushing a movement forward speakers await anxiously to heard.


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