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Activist Veteran Saior Jose A. Rodriguez (R), Activist Veteran Marine Evelyn Thomas(L)
Both Activist traveled cross country from far west to far east in a stand against discrimination in the military. Both Veterans making a statement with “Combat Boot Drop” and causing one of the biggest vote changes to Repeal Dont Ask Dont Tell with Senator Webb in 2010.

Activist Veteran Sailor Jose A. Rodriguez who was discharged in 2010 after a brutal attack and traveled the country with Veteran Marine Evelyn Thomas and Activist Linda Sanders of The Sanctuary Project Veterans, Rodriguez left the country with many unanswered question. Many wonder about assualt and many wondered about results. With the unanswered question, Activist Jose Rodriguez gained respect Worlwide.  Rodriguez cleared up answers and he became a bigger Worldwide Role Model.

Rodriguez continued with his fight for equality across the World.

Taking on many current respected issues like Teen Bully, Teen Suicide Prevention, Marriage Equality, Hate Crimes, Woman Rights, Immigration Reform and more.

Rodriguez speaks out on current issues that affect us Worldwide.

Rodriguez: ” I have had a tough past and struggled with damages still left unanswered afrer my discharge from the US Navy. Yet I have not stop my fight for equality but yet to treat my needs medically.  My passion is to strong and my heart is too big to stop my fight and my stand. Leaving unanswered question was a personal choice and felt many didn’t need to know but many still wondered. Lets please the public before reputation is tarnished.”

With the unanswered question Rodriguez felt it was important that he finally cleared unanswered question and felt the World should.

He shares his darkest secrets from his childhood, discharge, and stand for equality. Visit Veteran Jose A. Rodriguez Public Figure Page and read about what everybody has been asking.

American Hero!

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